How Athletes are Benefiting from Pre-Workouts such as Gladiator

How Athletes are Benefiting from Pre-Workouts such as Gladiator


It takes a lot to be a professional athlete. Consider Jared Graves for example, a Ryno Power athlete who is a 4X World Cup Champion, an Olympian, and most recently a competitor in the Enduro World Series. To compete at the level that Jared Graves competes at, you must be incredibly dedicated, talented, and hard-working. Between hours in the gym and on the track, Graves has to find a way to keep him motivated and energized. That is where Ryno Power’s Gladiator Pre-Workout comes in handy.

Ryno Power created a formula in Gladiator that gives incredible amounts of clean, healthy energy to the athlete without cutting any corners. The ingredients in Gladiator consist of Guarana Seed Extract, pure natural caffeine, and a performance blend created for the ultimate endurance athlete.

The Guarana Seed Extract comes from a plant that was named by the Guarana tribe in the Amazon and offers a primary source of caffeine. The extract is primarily used for: weight loss, enhancing athletic performance, and as a stimulant to help reduce mental and physical fatigue. The Guarana Seed Extract offers a more natural arch of energy which eliminates the crash that is often felt after taking pre-workout.

The performance blend is a specialty blend created for endurance athletes that are looking for longer lasting energy and focus. The performance blend consists of: Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, ActiGin®, and Beta Alanine. Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract is used for increasing energy, stamina, strength, mental capacity and an adaptogen to help the body adapt to and resist physical stress. The extract itself helps protect cells from damage, regulates the heartbeat, and has a potential to improve learning and memory. Lastly, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract is most often used for improving athletic supplements by shortening recovery time after long workouts. Beta Alanine is the modified version of the amino acid alanine which enhances muscular endurance and is known as the ingredient in pre-workout that offers the “tingly sensation”. ActiGin®, is a proprietary, all-natural plant based formulation derived from highly purified Panax Notoginseng and Rosa Roxburghii using pharmaceutical grade extraction processing technology. It aids in faster recovery due to the increased glycogen delivery to the muscle tissue resulting in more muscle fuel. Essentially, these ingredients are all plant based and commonly used, Ryno Power just created the best combination of the two!

The incredible flavor of Ryno Power’s Gladiator Pre-Workout comes from Non-GMO Natural Strawberry Lemonade flavoring that is comprised of 1 gram of fructose derived from fruit sugar and stevia. The best part of Ryno Power’s pre-workout is that it contains NO Aspartame, NO Sucralose and NO Creatine. It is a 100% clean product and WADA approved.

When creating this product, it was important that it was very clean and transparent with our athlete’s training and goals in mind. The product has NO Creatine because our studies show that creatine is bad for endurance sports resulting in quick bulking which doesn’t mix well with endurance athletes. This product is top notch and if it can get Jared Graves and our other athletes to the podium, it can help you achieve your athletic goals as well!